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Argyll, George Campbell, Duke of. The Clan Campbell

Adams and Innes of Learney. The Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands

Bede, Cuthbert. Argyll's Highlands

The Bannatyne Club. Origines Parochiales Scotiae

Black, George F. The Surnames of Scotland

Browne, James. The History of the Highlands

Budge, The Reverend Donald. Jura, An Island of Argyll

Burke. The Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland

Donald, Captain Graham, 'Domhnull Gruamach'.

The House of Islay

The Foundations of Islay

Grant, I. F. The Clan Donald

Innes, Sir Thomas, of Learney. Scots Heraldry

Kermack, W. R. The Scottish Highlands

Lamont, W. D. The Early History of Islay

Macdonald, A. and A. The Clan Donald

MacKenzie, Alexander. The History of the Macdonalds

McKerral, Andrew. The Clan Campbell

Kintyre in the Seventh Century

Moncreiffe, Sir Iain, of that Ilk. The Highland Clans

The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland. Argyll, Volume I, Kintyre.

Scott, Hew. Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae

The Scottish History Society

The Minutes of the Synod of Argyll, 1639 - 1661

Miscellany, Volume IV

Skene, W.F. The Highlanders of Scotland

Stuart, Margaret. Scottish Family History

Turner, Sir James. Memoirs

Tweed, John. The House of Argyll

White, T.P. The Archaeological Sketches of Scotland, District of Kintyre

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