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In 1970, when I had occasion to phone the headmaster of the Darroch School in Edinburgh, the secretary asked if she could tell him who was calling. When I told her that my name was Darroch, she said, 'Oh. that's a lovely name'. I could not disagree with her.

Darroch is a name that is uniquely Scottish and is almost unpronounceable without a Scots tongue.

In this little booklet I have tried to assemble for the benefit of Canadian Darrochs all of the references I could find that mention Darroch people or their associations and gather them together under suitable headings. Some may find more than they want; others may find the Highland references and the Gaelic confusing; but for those who find it interesting, it may encourage them to delve further into Highland History and in their searches bridge some of the gaps that are obvious in our family history. These latter will find it fascinating. The references quoted will save later researchers much time and may provide profitable leads.

In the section on the generations I have tried to gather as many as possible of the descendants of Archibald Darroch and Mary Milloy. They total over 1,150, plus many more that I have missed, possibly 1,300 in all. The children of the daughters, of course, do not carry the Darroch name, but are ' of the blood 'nevertheless. These last may have more difficulty in tracing their connection and this list may help. I apologize to those whose names are omitted or misspelled, especially to wives whose maiden names people could not remember off-hand. I also want to thank those who supplied names. They are too numerous to list here. The Reverend Donald Budge kindly gave me permission to use the material from his book, ' Jura, an Island of Argyll ".

For me it has been fun! I should be glad to hear of any errors, omissions, or completions, especially from the families of Hugh Darroch who married Margaret Bolton and Mary Darroch who married George Walker.

Frank Darroch
27 Princeton Road
Toronto, Canada. M8X 2E1

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