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Births, Marriages, and Deaths

Information reported by the Scottish Ancestry Research Society

May 18th, 1787 John Darroch and Mary MacAlpin were booked to marry in the parish of Kilcalmonell.
March 12th, 1788 John Darroch and his lawful son Archibald baptised.

Other children of John Darroch were -

baptized 14: 1: 1789 (presumably died young)
Andrew baptized 14: 11: 1791
James baptized 17: 8: 1794
Duncan baptized 23: 1: 1796
Mary baptized 24: 3: 1798
Peggy baptized 6: 4: 1800

March 25th, 1820 Archibald Darrach (sic) and Mary Milloy were booked to marry in the parish of Kilcalmonell.

John Darroch, lawful son to Archibald Darroch and Mary Milloy in Ronachan, born 7th, December 1822, registered 20th December.

Other children of Archibald Darroch were -

born 20th registered 24:2: 1821
Hugh " 2nd Jan. " 14:5: 1824
Janet " 7th " 15:6: 1826
James " 1st Jan. " 15:4: 1828
Mary     " 1830
Archibald       1832 ?
Margaret   about (sic)   12:9:1834

John Darroch, Blacksmith in the Burnside, and Agnes Greenlees, in the parish of Kilbarchan, gave in
their names to be proclaimed in order for marriage upon the 19th day of May 1849, and were married.

Marriage of Mary Darroch, daughter of John Darroch, born 24:3:1798

29th of August 1835 which day were booked in order to marriage Dugald MacAlpine cardingmiller, at Clachan, and Mary Darroch residing in Clachan, both in the parish of Kilcalmonell

30th July 1862, Mary Darroch or McAlpine, died at Clachan Kilcalmonell, aged 64, the widow of Dugald McAlpine, cardingmiller, and the daughter of John Darroch and Mary MacAlpin, both deceased.


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