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'Is darach mi fhein' means 'oak is my name'.


Malcolm Darroch, this site's founder, passed away on May 25, 2018.

Please click here for Mal Darroch's Legacy written by Doug Robertson


This site is dedicated to the preservation of the family history and traditions of the descendants of Mulmorich Darroch and to perpetuate an appreciation for the Darroch family heritage.

About the Site

The inspiration for the creation of this site is primarily as a result of the monumental efforts of Frank Darroch in researching and compiling his wonderful compendium of one branch of the Darroch family.

His prodigious journey began, as he recounts it, in 1960 when he was looking through some of his fathers’ papers, following his death, and found certain notes about his relatives including the names and dates of birth of some of his forefathers. Among those papers was a small note on the corner of one of the pages that stated “in the cemetery in Clachan, Argyllshire, was a ‘Darroch’ stone that was the oldest in the parish”.

Thus began a journey both physical and intellectual that ended in the publication in 1974 of ‘A Darroch Family in Scotland and in Canada’ affectionately known by those of us fortunate enough to own a copy as ‘The Red Book’. It is a remarkable work and one that many in the family have read and re-read many times in an attempt to gain some insight into our origin and our background.

I hope that by making this site available to all who wishes to access it I may be able to, in some small way, contribute to and continue that important historical work that Frank Darroch began those many years ago.

Malcolm Darroch


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